Noggin Knows Books

'Noggin Knows Books' is a series of 3 interactive eBooks developed for mobile devices based on episodes from Nick Jr.'s 'Noggin Knows' series featuring host Emmanuel Carter and all of his Nick Jr. friends! The books are designed to enhance children’s knowledge of arts and science topics, promote story comprehensions, and broaden vocabulary.

Additionally our team worked with psychologist, Dr. Briscoe-Smith, to advance belonging for preschoolers through the storytelling in these eBooks.

Target Audience: Ages 3-6

Platform: Mobile

UI/UX Design • Wireframes • 2D Art • Game Design • Interaction Design • Art Direction • User Testing

2D Art

User Testing

Art Direction

Game Design

UI/UX Design

I was the sole Interactive Designer on this project and designed all storyboards, wireframes, polished UI and interaction states for all 3 books. I worked with the producer to determine the design of all interactions and the flow within the context of the narrative. Additionally, I worked closely with the research team to ensure UX goals were met through user testing for both care-givers and children.

The background and character art for these projects were outsourced to Lion Forge Entertainment and I collaborated with their team to ensure our visual goals were met.

Below you will find examples of just some of the interaction design and UI for each book, as well as some wireframes and storyboards which reflect the initial process.

My Role

The Design Process

The Flyleaf Page

The flyleaf page is themed but consistent across all the eBooks with an option for users to turn on or off the narration.

Along with the research team, we conducted several care-giver user tests to determine what kind of iconography, layout and language would work for the narration selection.

'The Mermaid Mystery' Ebook

Kids help Nick Jr. 's Bubble Guppy, Molly, uncover clues about the nature of manatees in order to learn how to better protect them in the wild.

Users were presented with drag, trace and swipe interactions in this book.

Initial Medium Fidelity Storyboards/Wireframes

'Marshall Takes Flight' Ebook

Players join Marshall from PAW Patrol on a grand adventure and help him fix his balloon by learning how hot air balloons fly while making new friends along the way.

The users could choose three ways to fix the hot air balloon which differed slightly. Additionally, we implemented a panoramic view through binoculars where kids could look around at the background art.

'The Princess, the Dragon and the...Dentist?!!' Ebook

Nick Jr. 's Bubble Guppy, Zooli, teams up with the Tooth Fairy to learn how to take care of our teeth with different tools.

The user can select 3 different tools for the teeth cleaning interactions. All 3 tools have their own SFX, animations and narration.