Get Ready for Kindergarten is a suite of 3 interactive learning games that teaches core skills such as reading, math, logic, problem solving and learning about daily routines. Users can tap on specific interactives within a classroom hub in order to launch specific activities.

Target Audience: Ages 3-6

Platform: Leappad

UI Design • 2D Art • Illustration




Brushing Routine Minigame

Stretchy's brushing routine presents the player with two options for Stretchy to use (one correct answer and one wrong answer). Once the player chooses the correct answer, they are brought to a new screen to help Stretchy brush his teeth.

Initial background sketches for the brushing routine activity

Packing Routine Minigame

Stretchy's packing routine activity presents the player with different items in which they can tap and drag into his backpack.

Initial interaction wireframes for the packing routine minigame

Eating Routine Minigame

Stretchy has a breakfast and dinner eating routine. The player must select the correct (healthy) food option to fill the hunger meter. Wrong answers decrease the hunger meter.

Foods illustrated for Stretch Monkey's meals!

UI Design

UI and layout created for the name tag that users can decorate with a variety of stickers. The name tag is displayed in the main classroom hub.

Additionally, players can gain badges from completing the minigames.

Cutscene Art

Throughout the course of the project, I illustrated various cutscenes showcasing the different activities and environments in Stretchy's day.

I integrated art from previous Stretchy games like the tree shapes, characters and leaves, then matched the art style creating new visuals, environments and objects for the scenes. New character states, emotions and positions also had to be created to fit within the narrative and new backgrounds.